Stainless Steel Ball Valve with Full Port

SKU: 387208.150

Ball valves are used in piping systems that require the flow of materials to be quickly stopped or started. They can be found in systems for saltwater, sanitation, trim and drain, air, hydraulic as well as oil transfer systems. Ball valves are also considered the standard valve for natural and LP gas systems. W&O offers full bore, reduced bore, v-port and multi-port ball valves in a wide range of materials and connection types as well as a wide range of sizes for all quarter-turn applications.

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  • library_books Product Specifications

    Body Material Stainless Steel
    Valve Type Ball
    Ball Material SS316
    Connection Type Flanged
    Port Size Full Port
    Pressure Rating 150 lb
    Specification MSS-SP-110
    Specification Type ANSI
    Stem Material 17-4PH
    Fire Safe Available
    Size 3/4
    Approx Weight (lbs) 5

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