High Performance Stainless Steel Lug Butterfly Valve

SKU: 337607.750
High performance butterfly valves are designed to be double offset. When operating, the offset disc produces a cam-like action, pulling and pushing the disc to and from the seat. This cam-like action reduces seat wear and operating torque and provides bi-directional, zero leakage shutoff throughout the full pressure range. High performance BFV are available in soft, metal & fire-safe seat designs and used in systems that need higher pressure flow control.

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  • library_books Product Specifications

    Valve Type Butterfly
    Body Material Stainless Steel
    Body Material Spec CF8M
    Disc Material Stainless Steel
    Disc Material Spec CF8M
    Pressure Rating 150 lb
    Version High Performance
    Body Type Lug
    Size 8
    Approx Weight (lbs) 48

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