Carbon Steel Butt Weld Sch 80 (XH) 180º Return Bend, Long Radius

Butt Weld fittings offer various advantages over other forms of fittings. Welding the fitting to the pipe causes it to be leak-proof, adds strength, utilizes a small amount of space and minimizes the possibility of erosion and corrosion. W&O carries a large supply of butt weld fittings conforming to common standards per material specifications.
  • library_books Product Specifications

    Body Material Carbon Steel
    Fitting Type 180º Return Bend, Long Radius
    End Connection Butt Weld
    Body Material Spec ASTM A234 WPB
    Specification B16.9
    Specification Type ANSI
    Schedule Sch 80 (XH)
  • view_list Product Variants

    SKU Size Approx Weight (lbs)
    615156.300 1-1/2 2.2
    615156.400 2 4.1
    615156.450 2-1/2 7.7
    615156.500 3 12.4
    615156.600 4 24.1
    615156.650 5 41.7
    615156.700 6 68.2