Bronze 180º Orientation Scupper Valve without Gag

Scupper valves (also known as storm valves) are swing-check valves with an optional closing device. The closing device is usually a hand wheel, but it can also be actuated. Scupper valves are usually found on ships in sanitary piping systems that have a ship-side exit and prevent seawater from entering the system during heavy seas. They are also used on overboard, discharge lines.
  • library_books Product Specifications

    Body Material Bronze
    Closing Mechanism No Gag
    Orientation 180º
    Valve Type Scupper
    Standard Commercial
  • view_list Product Variants

    SKU Size Bolt Circle Diameter (in) Face To Face (in) Flange Diameter (in) Number of Bolt Holes Size of Bolt Holes (in) Approx Weight (lbs)
    515070.400 2 4.75 8.00 6.00 4 0.75 21
    515070.500 3 6.00 9.50 7.50 4 0.75 40

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